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Aloe Juice

Who doesn’t want healthy glowing skin! But did you know that healthy glowing skin starts from the inside out- not from the outside in?  

This juice recipe not only aids in healthy glowing skin, but is also great for a healthy digestive track.

The ingredient highlight: Fresh Aloe 

Aloe Benefits:

  • Known as one of the finest cleansers. Cleaning the stomach, liver, kidneys, bladder, and colon. 
  • Provides relief for indigestion. 
  • A natural tonic for energy. 
  • Gives skin a natural glow.
  • Aloe contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A and E. 
  • Rich in amino acids.
  • Boost immune system. 
  • Promotes weight loss and blast belly fat.

Where Did We Get It: We found it at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. I’m sure it can be found in your area at many health food stores or in the organic section of your local grocery store. 


NOTE: (I made enough for 2 people. Adjust amount of each ingredient if needed or make enough to have left over.  Store in mason jar for freshness.)

  • 1 Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf
  • 2 Large organic apples (sliced- skin on)
  • 2 organic cucumbers (sliced – skin optional)
  • 1 organic lemon (peeled) 

Aloe Juice



  1. Trim off spiny tip of the Aloe vera plant (please be cautious of the spiny sides while doing so).Lay the leaf on a cutting board and slice away both ends, so that you can see the gel sandwiched between the layers of tough skin.  Slice the aloe skin in half  so that you can get to the inside. Once sliced, grab a spoon and begin to scoop out the gel like center. Scoop out  and place in a cup. Repeat the  Scoop and scrape until all of the gel like center is removed from each leaf and placed in the cup.



2. Add apples, followed by cucumbers, then lemon. 

3. Juice all ingredients. 

4. Once al ingredients are juiced. Grab the spoon and stir well before pouring into a glass or mason jar. 

5. Pour and Enjoy! 


Note: I like to use the remaining aloe vera that’s  left on the leaf  as a skin moisturizer.  🙂  I put it all over my face. Leave on until it dries and starts to make my face feel stiff. Then I rinse off with cool water. 


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