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Meatless Burrito

Using what I had in the fridge, to make a healthy protein packed meatless burrito. 

Perfect for meatless Monday or anyway! 

What’s in the Bowl: What you see here is black bean corn salsa, (<- click the link for recipe), chick peas, and quinoa – in a large bowl stirred together using a simple guacamole (avocado, cumin, fresh squeezed lime and salt to taste).

Ingredients used may be organic frozen, canned, or you may boil each item yourself. Note: If you choose to boil beans and chick peas – allow them to soak over night or for a several hours.  Rinse well then boil until soft.

The Wrap: A warmed healthy wrap (the one i used was found locally at the Dekalb Farmers Market – chill tomato tortilla wrap), filled with the ingredients from the bowl.  

The Sauce: I did a homemade Sriracha + Mayo sauce.  

Something Green: Took some kale and tossed it in the sriracha mayo combo. Added all ingredients to a healthy wrap – rolled it an Enjoyed!!! 

Healthy bowls + wraps are simple way to enjoy a nutrient dense meal.




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