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Wild Caught Salmon & Sautéed Bok Choy

This Asian inspired recipe made with sesame oil & soy sauce is a very appetizing way to enjoy your salmon. Salmon is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, high quality protein, & essential amino acids. Kariim shares step by step how to make this flavorful dish.

What is Bok Choy? Bok Choy is a Chinese cabbage.

Suggestions: We suggest that you prep and marinade the salmon a few hours in advance. That way once you start cooking, this recipe will only take 15 minutes to complete.


Sesame Salmon+Bok Choy



  • 2 bundles of Bok Choy
  • 1lb wild caught salmon
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tbsp. of low sodium soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp. sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp. black bean sauce
  • 2 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 thin slices of fresh ginger root


Cooking Instructions: Cooking Demo 

1.Clean salmon and place in shallow dish.


2. Finely chop fresh garlic and ginger


3. Combine soy sauce, sesame oil, and black bean sauce in a bowl and stir.


4. Pour garlic, ginger and the sauce onto the salmon. Rub ingredients into the salmon.


5. Cover and place in the refrigerator and marinate for 2 hrs.


6. Remove salmon from the refrigerator and let sit until room temperature.


7. Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.


8. Place salmon in the overn for 12-15 minutes.


9. Turn stove on Med high heat, lightly coat with olive oil.


10. Place Bok Choy in pan & sauté to desired doness.


12. Remove salmon from oven and plate along with Bok Choy.






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