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A Night Out – Wedding Style

Tonight we attended  the wedding of a former client:  The Jackson/Perry Wedding.  

Such a beautiful ceremony! 

 The wedding was held at the Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Buckhead.  I don’t think there was a dry eye – as the lovely Bride walked down the aisle to “Fall For You”- by Leela James….. Or as  the Groom  fought back tears while reading his vows.  #LOVE

The couple ended the ceremony with a “Wedding Selfie” 🙂 Which included everyone in attendance.  It was super cute! 

The Reception:

From the Church, guest headed over to the  Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta.  We  dined under the dinosaurs:) 


Before all guest were seated.  


 The center piece #Flowers 



We weren’t able to get a great picture of the food— The reception ambiance was beautifully lit with dim orange/pink  lighting.

  We were able to take a picture of the menu:)

Dinner was served buffet style, so Kariim & I tried a little bit of  everything.  We each also had a dinner roll 🙂   


As the night went on, we enjoyed a few cocktails.  Kariim had Kettle One neat  & Stella Artois and I had wine along with a signature cocktail from the bar that included Kettle One & a splash of  mango juice (honest moment:)). Being that we indulged in  the warm dinner rolls and a few cocktails, we decided to pass on the wedding cake. Which was tough….It looked amaaaazzzzing!!!

Why don’t you see photos of the Bride & Groom?  BaSean & Patricia  hired a wonderful team of photographers & videographers to capture the precious moments from their day.  We want to respect them by not ruining their moment before they release the images of  themselves.  


WHAT  DID WE WEAR?  #ShadesOfBlue  

Kariim 2


Kariim 1


Note: The dress I’m wearing originally had a black mesh back & I didn’t really like that look.  I  took it to a seamstress to have the mesh removed.  


KS 1





KS 9






Comment from Janette Smith
Time October 10, 2014 at 3:40 pm

If your lifestyle is to inspiration, Well done. It raised my spirit, made me feel proud, happy, joyful, just elating.

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