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Barbados – Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave is just one of the many caves in Barbados. When deciding which one to visit, we wanted to visit the least touristy of the two.  One that we could just go in and explore.  I have to admit, we were expecting the cave to be a lot larger than it was.  But it was hard to remain disappointed by that once you began to look around. 

Finding beauty in simplicity…. And what an intriguing beauty it was!!! #Views




Animal Flower Cave is located on the most northerly point of Barbados in the parish of St. Lucy.  The name Animal Flower Cave comes from the sea anemones found in the pools of the cave.  Some of the pools inside of the cave are deep enough to swim in.  (at least 8 ft deep). 

One of our favorite things about this cave,  were the several openings looking out to sea. The views were breathtaking and calming. 


Big thanks to our cave tour guide for offering to capture a few images of us. He was a pro 🙂 He understood the lighting and everything. #Thankful #PreciousMoments 






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We walked out to the cliffs surrounding the cave. There we could look off into the Atlantic and watch the waves crash against the cliffs. 

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Beautiful view standing on the edge. 🙂 

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Timing was perfect! As we were wrapping up our Cave Adventure, the wind began to blow heavily and the rain began to pour.  I kind of liked that feeling 🙂 If we were not carrying our cameras, we might of took our time and enjoyed the rainfall.  #RainDrops #SummerRain #OceanWaves



Fun Fact:  Billy Ocean’s  – Colour of Love video was filmed in the Animal Flower Cave.  (see video below)  🙂  


Barbados native Rihanna has also done several photoshoots in the cave. 



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