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Barbados- Snorkeling

This trip involved a few  FIRST time experiences for Kariim and I. Snorkeling was one of them.  I tried snorkeling while in Cozumel years ago, and it didn’t go so well….lol! So I’m not counting that one. 

This experience was nothing like I remember.  

Of course you get nervous not being the best swimmer…..

As a matter of fact, Kariim and I both decided to learn to swim a few months before this trip (we’ll revisit this convo again in another post:). 

The excitement to snorkel was real!! We could not wait!

With our GoPro camera, and snorkeling gear in tow, we headed to the beach to begin the snorkeling adventure. 

FullSizeRender 8

Quick photo before getting on the boat. 


We loaded the boat and began to head out to sea. Sailing quite a ways out, we finally parked. 

Everyone began to put on their life jackets and for a second, I think we were all waiting on a brief  “How To”….. at least I was….lol! Then the captain says, “we’re here.. Jump In”.  

WHAAAAT?!?! lol! Ok. No instructions just jump??  

And that we did! Fear get out of the way…we’re going in!!!!!   Karim went in first and I followed.  🙂  

Talk about facing a fear. And it felt sooooo good for both of us. Experiencing something we both really wanted to do, together! 

If we had to guess, we’d say where we were snorkeling was about 20 feet deep. 

FullSizeRender 7




This was truly a fun experience for us! Kariim is already looking for locations for our next snorkeling adventure. In the mean time, the swim practicing continues.  #Determined 

See the video below with the footage we captured with our GoPro ! 








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