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Date Night at Sonora Grill Prime in Playa del Carmen

After researching several restaurants for date night in Playa, we decided on Sonora Grill Prime. ¬†Looking forward to enjoying the night, we get dressed, give Ellie good night kisses (as she was staying home with Aunt Talya) – have a cocktail before leaving ūüôā¬†And head out to catch a cab to Sonora Grill Prime. ¬†

Talk about 5 stars!!! We loved it!!  Very chic, clean, lovely ambiance, good music, terrific customer service, and deliocious food + wine.  Kariim makes a great steak at home and  he loved the steak here.  The night was going so well, we drank 2 bottles of wine before we knew it.  After dinner, the servers bring you homemade ice-cream on a waffle cone!!! Nice touch! Different flavors throughout the tables around us. We had the mango ice-cream Рdelicious. 

Such a lovely date night while in Mexico.  A cab ride back to 5th Ave Р to another  restaurant that was open late with and outside bar.  We enjoyed a couple more cocktails & music. Ending with a search for pizza and a short romantic walk back to the condo.  

Fun Times!!

There’s a video below of our night at Sonora Grill Prime.

Our server was kind enough to take our photos. 







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