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Happy Holidays

From Our Family to Yours…..Happy Holidays! 

The first week of December, we scheduled a family holiday shoot with Mathieu Channer (Instagram: mchannerphotography) –  in Atlanta, GA.  

It was quite an adventure..lol!  Kariim, Elle, and I met Mathieu  in Midtown  on a Saturday afternoon.  Elle gets funny with “strangers” which she should:)  – but she will now participate in taking pictures until she is   completley comfortable.  Needless to say, the first few shots of the photoshoot were spent whining for more snacks and making pouty faces.  Which made for some hilarious candids and family memories.  She warmed up shortly after. 

Our photographer Mathieu and his girlfriend (who is a videographer) are absolutely amazing and extremely patient.  They had a fun site in mind to entertain Elle that had a slide for her to play on….soooo cute! And a life saver lol!  

A couple photos here: 




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Happy Holidays!!! 

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