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JULY 4th!!!!


We kicked off our 4th of July as we always do, by running the AJC Peachtree Road Race!!! This is our own family tradition that we look forward to every year. 

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is the largest 10k in the world!!!! Over 60,000 people come from all over to run this race….. which also happens to be one of the most challenging 10k’s.  (6.2 miles)

The energy at the Peachtree Road Race is always amazing. Everyone is amped and ready  to go, along with the hundreds of spectators cheering you on!!

It’s such a family affair. The age range is from 8 years old to 60 something….just based off what I’ve noticed. All fitness levels.

Kariim and I look forward to the challenge of beating our times every year. This year we were faced with the challenge of  RAIN! But the race went on. The rain definitely changed things…lol!  

One thing we love is a challenge! Challenges always make you better… so mentally, the rain wasn’t going to stop the pace. 😉

SOOOO much fun!!! The most fun of all…Crossing the finish line and seeing my love waiting and cheering me on! Man was I glad to see the finish line…lol!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! WE DID IT!!! Another year in the books! 

Until next year! 


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Victory kisses 😉


Muddy feet 🙂 

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After the race, our cheat meal was had at home. Karim makes the BEST burgers!!! We picked up fresh bread from one of our favorites bakery’s H & F Bread Company. I made fresh cut fries, and home made strawberry milkshakes. YUM YUM!!!! 

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Later that night, we headed out for some fun!!! 

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