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Mexico – Day 2 (Part 1)

Day 2 in Mexico – We started our day with  brunch on the beach at Mamita’s Beach Club Restaurant.   

The food and ambiance here were both great! Our favorites were the octopus with quinoa and the ceviche.  So fresh and flavorful!

Another was the huevos estrellados con jamon  (fried eggs, with cured ham over french fries) Sooooo good!

After brunch, we rented a few beach chairs and lounged on the beach for hours!   Kariim and I work so hard so to finally turn off unwind, and just enjoy US  -felt so good!

Watching Kariim play with our baby girl in the sand, her walking into the ocean so bravely —

click -> (Mommy & Me Blog for more on Elle’s experience), we laughed, enjoyed the music from the DJ that was spinning at Mamita’s Beach Club,  enjoyed a few cocktails, and had an all around amazing time!  

Photos & Video of the day below: 









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