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Bio Organicos – Mexico (Day 3) – UPDATED

Frequently asked questions when traveling,  “Where are the great places to eat? Where are  the healthy options?”  That can be a huge problem.  –   In Playa, that was not an issue.   We love good – QUALITY Food!! And were so happy to find  just that  in Playa del Carmen.  There were several  vegan, organic options, fresh, farm to table restaurants, with plenty of delicious food.   

Down the street from our condo on 5th Avenue – was a vegetarian restaurant/organic grocery store  called Bio – Organicos.  VERY GOOD! We stopped in several times for breakfast, fresh smoothies, and smoothie bowls while we were in Playa.  We even met the owner while there one day.  The customer service was great, the music, and the vegan pancakes – YUM!! All the options were healthy but extremely tasty.  

Knowing that everything was being made fresh, fresh fruit, fresh organic ingredients from the store that was connected to the restaurant . Definitely our type of place. Elle loved it as well 🙂  Excellent place for breakfast or lunch. 












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