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Our Story….The Short Version

What Inspired Us To Start Cooking?

 About 5 years ago, Kariim & I decided to embark on the journey of building our dream together -Body By Kariim Fitness Studio-located in Atlanta, GA.

During the transition phase of Body By Kariim Fitness, we lived in our fitness studio & there was no kitchen. We had to improvise! We ate everything from fast food, packaged-processed or microwavable. A cheat meal for us was a whole pizza from the nearest pizza joint and a dozen donuts from the grocery store.

The Transition

Note: Photo taken 5 years ago while living in our Fitness Studio   #TheTransition

This lasted several months! Once we moved into our place, WE COULDN’T WAIT TO START COOKING! Kariim & I cooked every un-healthy meal we’d craved- from fried food, cheesy-greasy anything, cakes, cookies, all processed-store packaged food. The only thing fresh was the dinner salad. Wow!!!! This took such a toll on our bodies, mentally and physically. We were ready for a change!

Self- Awareness:

In Fall of 2011, we decided to prepare for a Fitness shoot as new marketing for our Fitness Studio. Our bodies were far from camera ready due to the weight gain  from our “over indulgence in comfort food.”

To prepare for the fitness shoot, we knew we had to clean up our diet. We began to focus not so much on a particular “fad diet” or extreme supplements but to focus more on eating real, non-processed foods, as well as increasing our workout intensity-consistently. It was a 90 day overhaul!!

We paid close attention to how our bodies responded to clean eating. Learning the importance of what ingredients we put in our bodies and how it made us look and feel. THIS WAS THE GAME CHANGER FOR US! Kariim & I started reading different books regarding Nutrition & Health. We watched a very informative documentary film called “Food Matters” from Producer-Directors James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Boscsh- which examines how the food we eat can help or hurt our health. As well as the documentary- Food Inc, it  gave us a “look inside America’s corporate food industry.”  This inspired us to take our love for clean eating even further-Buying local + organic food as much as we could and shopping at the Farmers Market for weekly groceries.

Learning ways to make our healthy meals enjoyable and full of flavor- using fresh ingredients. We began to transform inside & out. The increased mental clarity, energy and strength we’ve gained from eating real food is amazing!!! We are happier & healthier than ever. Food changed our lives!

Over the years, we’ve changed our cooking styles and expanded our palettes, continuing to explore different recipes and striving to learn more everyday. Something we enjoy doing together!

Journey to Our Dream:

Body By Kariim Fitness Studio has been open now for 5 years- maintaining a consistent clientele. Changing lives through Fitness & Nutrition. 

Photography & Videography:

Neither of us knew much about photography and thought it was as simple as point and shoot. After a few disappointments- through trial and error (failed Fitness Shoots, etc.) Kariim decided we needed to learn a little about photography ourselves. I couldn’t agree with him more. He began to research photography & what equipment we would need to get the job done. We began to practice, Kariim would take pictures of me & I would take pictures of him, food, or we’d use the Tri- pod and take photographs of us together. Granted, we still have lots to learn and must say we’re enjoying the process.

We practice shooting our Fitness & Food images, learning to record & edit all videography that you see on our sites. We’re striving to become better everyday, learning as much as we can- to make the site even more enjoyable for you.

If you look back- during the early days of our Instagram page, and our other social media sites- you can see the progression in our photographs as we learned more and were blessed to grow creatively. It’s become a new hobby for us! We enjoy being able to capture the nourishing recipes- to inspire you to try them yourself.

From Us:

We hope that you find the site helpful, see it as inspiration and that you enjoy the recipes as much as we do. And know that eating healthy can change your life!

Kariim & Laquisha Smith

Fitness, Food, Lifestyle


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Comment from Janette Smith
Time May 12, 2015 at 4:23 pm

I find you guys so inspiring. Please do a Lifestyle video so we can have you in our homes when we need you. Give us your 90 days, how to change… our lives too.

Comment from Sherri Polite
Time July 5, 2016 at 11:05 am

What an amazing “one-of-a-kind” authentic fitness couple…thank you for sharing!

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