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Hands down, our favorite sushi restaraunt in Atlanta has been Umi  Buckhead.  But when we heard that one of the
Chefs from the worlds most  recognized Japanese restaurant – Nobu –  had opened a location here in Atlanta,  we knew at some point we had  to try it out.  

Saturday night, we headed over to TOMO  for a 9:00pm reservation. We were not disappointed!!! 

Our server Yumi, who was actually from Japan – did an awesome job suggesting several menu items. She was delighted to know that we were interested in trying them:) 


What Did We Eat:  

Food images taken with the iPhone


photo 7

Kampachi Serrano.  Six slices of kampahi sashimi (notice there’s a few missing…couldn’t wait, lol), garlic, thinly sliced serrano pepper, yuzu soy sauce.  We love spicy, so this was perfect!  


photo 6

Shima Aji Carpaccio with spicy Asian salsa. This was simply amazing!!! Perfect combination of spicy and tangy.  The flavor of the sashimi and the Asian salsa, is similar to having  Ceviche.    Had to order it twice. 


photo 5

Kimme-Dai Sashimi …. Don’t let the messiness of the plate fool you. This is melt in your mouth, flavorful, delicious!! Drizzled in a garlic-ginger sauce with sesame oil and scallions……. If they have it on the menu- Try it!  We ordered 2 servings it was sooooo good! 


photo 2

Dassai 50.  A smooth tasty Japanese Sake.  Love it! 


photo 3

 Negitoro.  Chopped toro, scallions, wasabi with shiso.   Delicious!!! 



 Lobster Carpaccio.  Such a refreshing, lite-  dish! Cucumbers, white truffle oil, pink sea salt, tomo salsa.  Must try. 


photo 4

House Special Rolls.  Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, white fish, smelt egg, eel, and avocado. Delicious!  


We have to admit that we were a  bit skeptical going into TOMO, but we were very pleased with the food and the service.   It’s  nice to know that we now have another go to sushi restaurant.  🙂 



3630 Peachtree Rd #140
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 835-2708


Comment from Cheryl Holliday
Time November 9, 2014 at 4:06 pm

This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Comment from Janette Smith
Time November 13, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I so enjoy your reviews.

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