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Babble Band

A Wearable Audio Monitor for parents to monitor and feel close to baby wherever they are in the house. 

I absolutely loved this product!

During the first few weeks,  being attached to our little new born, sometimes watching her sleep – observing every breath. As time went on and Elle began to grow –  products like this, gave me a peace of mind.

When I was able to step away to get somethings done,  – being able to hear Elle – very clearly – was everything to me.

 Yes, I like the visual baby monitors as well – but when trying to be productive and move around and not stand in place watching the monitor, this really worked.  


I added it to my baby registry via Amazon.com (3 years ago) – they may have discontinued this particular one.  If you can find one similar with great reviews. I’d highly recommend for the Mom needing to move around the house – and still monitor your sweet little one.

Hope this idea helps in some way!


Laquisha Rena  

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