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Detox Your Body Naturally

5 ways to Detox the Body Naturally & Get Back on Track After the Holidays: 

1. HYDRATE – DRINK WATER 💦 and plenty of it! Hydration is very important during this time. Consuming enough water is essential to keeping things moving quickly and fluidly. Begin your day with at least 8 ounces of water – preferably warm, and focus on consuming water all day long.Don’t want to drink warm water? Try green tea, as it will keep you warm, hydrated and energized. ⁣

2. Eat fruit & vegetables: Focus on whole, raw, fresh foods — especially fruits and vegetables. Eating uncooked vegetables (or lightly steamed) – will help speed up the detox process. Foods like fresh salads, carrots, bell peppers, etc… can flush the body with micronutrients and make a delicious snack. Try to have at least one fruit a day and one source of greens (Do t want to eat them, drink them: a good way to get greens is by throwing them in your smoothie or make a fresh juice)

3. Eat small meals. Focus on foods packed with nutrition such as fruits, veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats that will help restore vitamins and minerals, which are the tools your body needs to run.⁣

4. Focus on healthy fats: Healthy fats like nuts, flax seed oil and avocado help reduce inflammation, which will help get your body back on track a whole lot faster. ⁣Eating small portions throughout the day. ⁣

5. EXERCISE: Another way our body detoxifies is through sweat. Get moving & Let’s sweat it out!! Remember to hydrate afterwards!!⁣

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