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Early Bird

Elle tip toed into our our room & when she went back to sleep…. I tip toed into hers. While home during social distancing, keeping my 4:30am wake up gives me at least 3 maybe 3 1/2 hours to work before she wakes up & Mommy duties begin.


I’ve learned that the stress kicks in – when I’m trying to focus & check things off my work list + Mom + Wife at the same time.  Waking up early to knock my things out, makes family time much more enjoyable. It also helps me maintain my peace. I feel less overwhelmed or Mom guilt. Far from easy, but peace is worth it. .

When she wakes up we’ll do our usual morning routine: wake up, talk, potty, talk, hygiene, breakfast, talk, change from pajamas to play clothes ….while Elle yells “Alexa, Plaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy Unicorns!!!!.” Then schools in session. TGIF 

As women & moms, we sacrifice so much! Be encouraged …. Keep Going Ladies! The early mornings or late nights working towards your goals – make every sacrafice worth it.

xoxo ~ LR 


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