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Life at 40.

Life at 40. 

If someone would have asked me 20 years ago, what I thought 40 would feel like? I probably would have said OLD AS HELL. Lol! But now that I am 40, I have a much different outlook.

I have to say, these are the best years of my life!


I know what I want, and I’m not afraid to go after it. I keep my circle small – because I have a low tolerance for foolishness. My Faith, Family, and Friendships are what come first. I love what I do for a living and I love that I share it with my beautiful wife. One thing life has taught me, is to appreciate a good woman. I’m not only attracted to her physical beauty, I’m in love with her strength, passion, and loyalty. I couldn’t imagine this journey with anyone else.


Physically, I feel great! My strength and endurance is the best it’s ever been, and my sex life stays very healthy (my wife is younger than me, gotta keep her happy, lol). My patience and consistency has truly put me in a place where I can have a few options in life.

I used to say, “If I could go back I’d do things differently.” Now I’ve excepted who I am and the experiences that have molded me.

All in all, I feel like this is just the beginning!


Photo Cred: A special thanks to She Is Me Photography  an extremely talented, creative, Husband & Wife Team.


Comment from Janette Smith
Time February 4, 2015 at 2:49 pm

Happy birthday Kariim. I celebrate your birthday and your “lifestyle”. It reflects your faith and it looks wonderful on you.

Comment from Cheryl Holliday
Time February 13, 2015 at 10:06 am

Vibrant and healthy! The results of true “clean eating”

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