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Becoming a first time Mom, I wanted to make sure every item I purchased was just right for our little one. For example, when I was pregnant – I heard so much about the baby MaMaRoo (advanced baby swing by 4moms. I researched it & loved everything about it. Had to have it!! So, we were almost 8 months pregnant. Pretty much had all the necessities for Elle & many wanted items – except the MaMaRoo. It was on a Saturday, my husband went to every Target + Bed Bath & Beyond & anywhere he could find that sold the MaMaRoo – but not just any color – I specifically wanted the one with the gray seat (😳). After several hours, he’s back home, sweating on the forehead & T shirt drenched because of the summer heat. Walking in like a proud PaPa holding the MaMaRoo 🥰 – I was so grateful + ecstatic!!!! (Thank you, honey!!! sweaty kisses + big hugs) – He looks at me & says “You’re welcome bear. I really hope she likes it” – Fast forward to Elle being born – SHE HATED IT!!!! She would scream her eyeballs out anytime I turned that MaMaRoo on. Lol! She preferred no movement at first. Just to sit up and observe. And that’s what it was used for – quite often. As months went by, she started to like the motion. (but The look on my husbands face the many times he walked by an unused MaMaRoo – priceless… Him:”I told ya so”) (me:😬) .

This is one example of “How Every Child Is Different” very unique in their own little way. As much as my mom friends raved about certain baby products or the thousands of helpful product reviews…. we had to truly find what was going to work for us – not just with products – but every aspect of raising Elle. .

I’ve created this space to share (in no particular order) many products, helpful ideas, breastfeeding tips, nutrition …all things Mom’n.

There’s even a Daddy Blog so Kariim can share from a Dad’s view ☺️ .

Looking forward to sharing! xoxo LR

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