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Night light play before bed the other night 💡 

Rechargeable LED night light we’ve had since Elle was born. She’s 3 years old now – and it still works like new.

Drop proof, impact resistant, smart touch dimming control and color changing applications. Literally lights up the whole room. Charge & unplug. Can pick it up and move it anywhere. Elle loves this night light. It’s been extremely helpful for us & Keeps the Zombies away ☺️ – Another Amazon find. I like it because it’s small, not age specific (something she can have for a while), provides enough light, and it’s safe (doesn’t overheat).

Video Link  Below Of  Elle & I Playing with the Night Light Before Bed 🙂 


There are many versions of rechargeable LED lights out there.  Finding what works best for you is what’s most important.  

Details on this one……

The Brand + Company: Shenzhen Flashline Lighting Co – found on Amazon 




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