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Numbers Game

Home school during quarantine, has us all getting creative. Trying our best to maintain structure and a somewhat of a schedule – consistently.  Though we’re all doing our best.  I’ve found myself using everything we have in the house to keep Elle engaged & entertained.  

Using the baking pan and measuring cups to come up with a numbers game-  was educational and a little bit of fun. 

How it Works: For every number, count out the correct number of beans to match the number written in each slot. If it’s the number 1, there should be 1 bean put there. If it’s the number 2, there should be 2 beans put there – and so on. 

Getting creative, using what I have. I wrote the numbers on sticky notes. Cut the sticky notes and placed them in the slots.  Had dry beans in the cabinet. It worked. Something different to engage her in an educational yet fun way. 


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