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Best trainers in Atlanta….and maybe the country! If you’ve ever thought about trying personal training or been
disappointed by others you’ve tried before (like me!), try Body by Kariim…I will personally guarantee youwon’t be disappointed!

 I had the honor of working with Kariim for almost 2 years and he helped take me from an out-of-shape runner and triathlete to an athlete and competitor. While his ability to create effective workouts is obviously an crucial part of his job, he truly put the ‘personal’ in personal training, helping me overcome nutritional and mental barriers. So many trainers hoard their knowledge, but Kariim and Laquisha are always so open and happy to share their knowledge with anyone that wants to learn. Truth is, you can workout all you want, but until you eat right and believe in your abilities – and that you’re worth it, you won’t see the full benefits. Thanks to Kariim, I have a greater understanding of the physical benefits of my workouts, understand how important diet is and, most importantly, believe in myself. I have since left Atlanta, but can tell you that going to Body by Kariim is the part of my day I miss most!

by: Katie B.- Washington, DC


Awesome Results! I have never put much stock in trainers, as I have always been a “do it myself” type of guy. But I needed to improve my workouts and called Body By Kariim. It has been great! They are not just trainers but fitness and healthy lifestyle specialists. They provide an end to end program for health and fitness. I am in the best shape ever. They live it and you can live it too!   by: Earl Fagan – Atlanta, GA




This dynamic duo provides such a warm and inviting environment. I went from being a couch potato to working out with them three days a week. I’m simply amazed at how much I have grown coming here!

by: Danielle C. Jackson- Atlanta, GA



Everyone has the potential for greatness. Whether or not one chooses to unlock that potential is up to them. Anyone can tell you to “do your best” or “reach for the stars”, but just being told to do something doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to do it. Eventually it always comes down to the doer, not the teller; but with Body By Kariim standing with you every step, coaching and providing the necessary help, you’re destine to reach all of the goals you desire and a much healthier life.

by: Anthony Williams-AR



“My workouts at this gym are well worth the money. Not only do I get a great workout, but I also get advice on nutrition and the best way to get to my goals. If you are looking for someone to push you to a whole new level of fitness and good health then this is the place to come. It doesn’t get any better than Body by Kariim.”   by Té James in Atlanta, GA 




“I was introduced to Body by Kariim by a mutual friend who was aware that I was looking for a personal trainer. When I contacted Body by Kariim, Quisha and Kariim invited me to come over right away. Meeting them in their own personal gym was a totally different feel than meeting with a trainer at the bigger “chain gyms”. It was a very one-on-one personal environment in which the focus is always on you and you only! The cost for the excellent and unique services that you CANNOT find anywhere else are very reasonable. Even after achieving my goal, I will not stop coming to Body by Kariim for it has been an awesome experience. Working with Quisha has been a great experience that I would recommend to any and everyone. The team duo at BBK are fantastic. They have wonderful personalities and make you feel totally comfortable regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey! Whether you are looking to tone up or do some major weight loss BBK is the place to be!!!!!!!!!!!”

by Carlisha G. in Atlanta, GA


“Body by Kariim is the real deal. Both Kariim and Quisha will push you beyond what you think is your limit; and help you to grow in your potential. They consistently change the workout to keep it fresh and avoid plateaus. Kariim worked with me on the nutritional aspect also, providing options for the appropriate diet while working out. I have seen my body change in the months I have been going and am looking forward to more growth.”

by Joye Flemister in Atlanta, GA




“BBK trainers, Kariim and Quisha, are professional and very knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and health. I have been a trainee at BBK for almost a year and they have helped me exceed my fitness goal. My workouts are designed specifically for me and I continue to feel challenged at each session. I feel great physically and mentally and I am very happy with my overall results. I look forward to training with BBK for many years to come.”

by Jacquie in Atlanta GA


My wife Tricia and I started a 3month contract at Body By Kariim in November 2013. Our goal was to jump start our nutrition and workout routine and though it was tough in the beginning for the both of us we stuck with it for the whole 3 months. Now at the end of the 3 months here’s what I have to say about BBK!

Body By Kariim Fitness is run by married couple, Kariim and Laquisha Smith. From the beginning they gave us clear guidance on the correct way to work out as well as both how and why we should eat healthier between our sessions.

There are so many workout plans and courses out there that I was relieved to have an experienced trainer that could guide us from fundamentals to a more intense and complex work out. They worked closely with us 3 times a week with a structured routine to develop our endurance and strength as the weeks passed. Now not only do we feel better and have a lot more stamina, I’d say we look better too. We both lost a considerable amount of weight and now all we do is flex for each other to show off our muscles 🙂

by: Brian Pinkney- Atlanta, GA

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“All my life I was never motivated to go to a gym or workout at home, but Body By Kariim changed that for me. It
is a very comfortable atmosphere and they tailored a program that fits my needs. Never thought I’d be able to do some of the things I am now doing, like 325 pounds on a Leg Press!”

by Diane, 45 in Atlanta GA


Body By Kariim has been, and will continue to be, a great investment in my body and well being. Body By Kariim provides me with not only top-notch facility where I feel comfortable, but a truly professional knowledge of training and nutrition that takes years to develop. Both Kariim and Laquisha are extremely nice and encouraging, and I look forward to going every week and doing “just two more.

” by Dave S.- Atlanta GA



“Laquisha is a great & well-educated professional trainer. She trained me for 3 whole months and I was able to see amazing results. My weight dropped by almost 10kgs and I dropped 2 dress sizes. With 4 times a week strength training with her, my body started shaping & building muscles. She also taught me how to make healthy meals and still enjoy them and what to eat during the day. Thanks to her today I have learned how to train each set of my body muscles with different exercise variations and different weights that are helping me every day towards a shaped, well toned body. She continues to work with my while I’m back Dubai through BBK online personal training program. Many thanks Quisha, I’ll always miss our great workout sessions.”   by:  Fatma Bazargan- Dubai 



“BBK is for all shapes and sizes. This skinny girl converted her skinny fat into muscle. Yes, I can now use the word bikini. Kariim and Quisha created a workout routine just for my body type. They know their stuff!”

by Shannon Atlanta GA




Body by Kariim is the real deal. Both Kariim and Laquisha will push you beyond what you think is your limit; and help you to grow in your potential. They consistently change the workout to keep it fresh and avoid plateaus. Kariim worked with me on the nutritional aspect also, providing options for the appropriate diet while working out. I have seen my body change in the months I have been going and am looking forward to more growth.   by: Keith W. in Atlanta