Transform Inside & Out

It’s my 48th BIRTHDAY! I really meant it when I said I feel like 2019 has been a classroom and I’ve been the student. I NEVER would’ve thought that my overall mental and spiritual wellness would have roots in my fitness and nutrition. I know it sounds crazy, but for me it’s true.
I’ve been a client of @bbkfitness bodybykariim for 4 years. Faithfully showing up every morning 4 days a week (give or take a day or 2) for the last 4 years. Kariim and Laquisha spent countless time educating me on fitness and nutrition. Year one I lost 25lbs, year 2 the bottom dropped out and hubby was diagnosed with stage 4 heart failure, year 3 hubby spent 5 months in hospital awaiting a heart transplant and my Daddy died. I gained every single pound back and more.
During these 3 years, some sessions were spent on my physical/nutritional, spiritual and mental wellness.
In April of 2019, Kariim said, “Are you ready yet?” We went to work. We went back to the drawing board…Removed the sugar, food in a box, eating for nutrients, proper supplements and taking care of me. No negotiating. Kariim challenges me every day. He knows what I’ve been eating by looking at me. There’s never any judgement or shaming. It feels AMAZING to workout in a place where people care about my overall wellness AND with knowledgeable, professional and caring people. Remember when I said I’m accountable and in control with who surrounds me??? This is a perfect example of a healthy relationship where reciprocity is present.
The pictures represent months of hard work, 42lbs lost, focus, determination, and dedication. Also present is spiritual and mental clarity, happiness, self love and ME. We are nowhere near the final destination, but we are on the way! The first picture was taken this morning before our workout and remainder today. “I can show you better than I can tell you…”- Laquisha Smith #myreflection #itsmybirthday #1231 #its48 #blessed #grace #mercy #mrswashington #BirthdayGirl2019