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Atlanta’s Best  Personal Trainers:

Atlanta’s  Top  Personal Trainers – Body By Kariim Fitness – understand that exercise and clean eating may be foreign to most people. So they take into consideration how intimidating it may be to walk into a fitness facility for the first time. Using state of the art equipment, Body By Kariim Fitness customizes workout regimens to suit their client’s fitness goals. In addition to physical fitness, clients are educated on nutrition (BBK eats). Body By Kariim Fitness takes pride in teaching clients the importance of making health and wellness a part of their lifestyle, instead of a chore or necessary evil – their results have extended far beyond the gym.

Real People. Real Results. Is much more than just a tagline at Body By Kariim Fitness Studios – it’s a mantra. Body By Kariim’s Atlanta  based Personal Training Team understands that as your responsibilities increase – career, family, friends, community and so forth – the time for you to exercise may decrease. However, there’s no excuse for anyone, whether single or married, to accept that extra 30lbs gained while trying to make a living.

Body By Kariim’s programs aren’t based on the latest diet, pill, equipment, or trendy workout, but rather on what they know will work for YOU based on The Science of Health & Fitness. They take the time to consult with each client to create a plan that will work best to achieve their success.  

Accessibility and convenience– are two of the most common reasons the average adult does not have a regular exercise regimen. Next is lack of knowledge on how to utilize the equipment. Teaching proper form and range of motion will ensure the safety of everyone that trains with Atlanta’s Premier Personal Training Team- Body By Kariim. As safety is paramount, time is always taken to demonstrate each exercise – no matter how many times it’s necessary. This diligence has led to exceptional results for Body By Kariim’s clients. The more clients know about the tools and techniques needed to reshape their bodies, the more success they will experience.

The renewed confidence and rebuilt bodies of their clients is evident in the gym and beyond. It’s Life Changing!

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Kariim Smith

Co-Owner of Body By Kariim Fitness
Certified Master Personal Trainer  & Lifestyle Coach

Kariim Smith is a Certified Master Personal Trainer  and Co-Owner of Body By Kariim Fitness Studio –located in Atlanta, GA. With over 10 years of experience, Specializing in weight loss and muscle building through compound, isolated, and anaerobic exercises.  He has helped several clients wean themselves off of prescription medications due to obesity related diseases.  Kariim will not only give you the knowledge you’ll need to sustain a healthy lifestyle, he will also help you develop the focus and discipline necessary to reach your goals.

Seeing his client’s lives change through fitness motivates Kariim. Helping others rebuild their confidence is the best part of what he does. Knowing his clients have reached goals that they once thought were impossible is priceless.

What is your Fitness Philosophy? The more discipline practiced in the gym and at the table, the greater your results.


Laquisha Smith

Co-Owner of Body By Kariim Fitness
Certified Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Laquisha is an experienced Certified Personal Trainer and Co-Owner of Body By Kariim Fitness Studio located in Atlanta, GA.  Specializing in weight loss and muscle toning.  Her goal is to show her clients – both males and females – how to manage their health and encourage a positive self-image.  Laquisha’s training methods are also geared towards creating Fitness Programs and Nutrition plans for clients to incorporate into their lifestyle to achieve happiness and overall well-being. Laquisha is a mother to a beautiful baby girl and has designed a program called “Mommy & Me Fitness + Nutrition with L. Rena”  complete  with a  Nutritional + Lactation guide for breastfeeding Moms” –  that has been successful for other mothers – Pre Pregnancy, During Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy.  She’s also a former athlete and loves sports to the extent that her training expertise encompasses all areas and levels necessary for competition and life.

What’s Your Fitness Philosophy?   Consistency is key!



AJ  Williams 

Certified Master Personal Trainer +

     Speed and Agility Coach 

AJ  Williams, the younger brother to Laquisha Smith – is an Atlanta based Certified Master Personal Trainer + Speed and Agility Coach.  A former collegiate football athlete of  Ouchita Baptist University – specializing in weightloss, muscle building, speed and agility training  + sport specific training.  AJ’s clients include both Male and Females of all ages and fitness levels. From the beginner looking to start a fitness journey to the current or former athlete.  AJ’s training methods are geared towards maximizing each clients results with programs designed to reach their goals and improve their overall health.  Reducing the need for prescription medications due to obesity related diseases.  

What’s Your Fitness Philosophy?  You have to make working out a lifestyle.